What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

May 13, 2007
The diminutive Rajah III was EDC-ed for today. Yet big on performance.


Apr 2, 2020
I have been working on and carrying my new SR1 Lite for a week now. As I posted above it came with a really poor edge, but I finally have it corrected and sharpened. I tested it yesterday on a large stack of cardboard and some heavy grade zip ties and it not only went through them like nothing, but there was no effect on the edge at all. Zero flattening or roiling. Far better than I expected from that steel.

To me the SR1 Lite has always seemed like a flawed concept. The whole point of the original SR1 was raw strength. It's too thick to be an optimal slicer, it isn't optimized for tomatoes, but you could use it to cut your way out of a crashed helicopter before skinning a Rhino. If Lynn Thompson were a knife he would be something like the SR1. The S35 steel is appropriate to the job.

The SR1 Lite, with its Chinese 8cr13mov steel, has always seemed to be missing the plot. It's too thick to be a great slicer, but cheap Chinese steel is the last thing I would choose for some great adventure. A knife this nice deserves Aus10. But so far this steel has held up better than expected and I like the knife.


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Sep 13, 2017

I need a good Slicer today for cutting lots of sound proofing and the Lone Star Hunter fits the bill. I must be old, I haven’t seen anyone post about these for some time.
Such a neat knife. After owning an using the Broken Skull for a while now, I realize how great the Lone Star would be. That thin blade is such a great performer.