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Discussion in 'Community Center' started by Monofletch, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. joeldworkin307


    Oct 2, 2012
    Mine is out and scheduled to arrive Christmas Eve. Getting it in under the wire! I hope my giftee enjoys the coffee and knife.
  2. Y'shua

    Y'shua Basic Member Basic Member

    Dec 11, 2015

    Mine arrived Friday but I didn't get a chance to tuck into it until today. Holidays are always demanding at work haha. They all cup well, and taste great. I did the Myanmar as a pour over, and other as espresso. They preformed well, and are surprisingly balanced. I am going to keep trying them different ways over the next few days since I have some time off from work! Thanks man!
    dannyp likes this.
  3. SpyderPhreak

    SpyderPhreak Rocketman for hire Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    Afternoon cappucino... :) Sweet Maria's "Ethiopiques" blend, which has become my favorite of their standard espresso blends. :thumbsup:



    My pre-ordered Carothers HDFK that arrived not terribly long ago. One of the only times I've ever paid ahead for any knife, but Nathan has a great reputation! That was a hard wait! :eek: But it's a pretty fantastic knife! :cool: :D
    dannyp likes this.
  4. dannyp

    dannyp Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Let me know what you think of the coffee soap also. Interested to find out if it actually works to remove kitchen odors.
  5. T.L.E. Sharp

    T.L.E. Sharp That's right, it's genuine Velveeta... Platinum Member

    Jun 30, 2016

    Merry Christmas-eve everyone! I'm starting it off on a wonderful note with a cup of this fantastic Colombian that came as a surprise gift from @dannyp. Thank you for the lovely gift. Brightened my holiday for sure.
    dannyp likes this.
  6. SpyderPhreak

    SpyderPhreak Rocketman for hire Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    My gift exchange package arrived today from joeldworkin307. :D :thumbsup: Haven't had a chance to open it yet, as it's been crazy today, and I have a prime rib about to come out of the oven for the family get together. I'll open it tomorrow on Christmas Day! :)

    Merry Christmas guys!
  7. joeldworkin307


    Oct 2, 2012
    I never posted that my package came from @SpyderPhreak. Glad to exchange gifts with you Jared. I'm pretty sure we crossed paths a few times when I lived in Lakewood a few years back. Got some fun knives, a sharpening stone, and some of Jared's famous home roasted coffee in a beautiful light to medium roast. Excited to give it a try! I think you'll like my gift. Some great Chicago coffees and a knife you won't find in Golden...

    SPyderPhreak coffee.jpg
    FOG2 and dannyp like this.
  8. dannyp

    dannyp Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    You're welcome. @Monofletch had a part in it too by getting me your shipping info, as I wanted it to be a surprise.

    I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas.☕️
  9. Monofletch

    Monofletch Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    I hope all of you have some good coffee for Christmas morning!! We have a group of good people here in this thread and I am glad we are friends!
    If anyone ever wants to swap coffee of blades anytime of the year I am always open for a mystery box!
    Merry Christmas
    dannyp likes this.
  10. SpyderPhreak

    SpyderPhreak Rocketman for hire Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    Hey guys, hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!!! Here's my secret santa stuff that I opened from Joel on Christmas morning!!! :D :thumbsup:



    So we have here a couple great coffees, a cool French press mug (that I was previously unfamiliar with), and a pretty unusual, vintage Spyderco Delica. :cool: Back in ~2003 I had some Bodum French press mugs, that traveled to Europe with me, and saw a ton of use at work! I literally wore them out (and the Dutch guys I worked with thought I was crazy, lol ;)).

    So far, we definitely prefer the Two Brothers as a drip/press brew, and the La Colombe as an espresso/cappucino. Both are nearly gone now. :(

    Now, moving on to this unique Spyderco. :eek: I haven't really had a chance to research this thing yet, but because it has an integral FRN clip on the back, I know from experience that it's definitely older than ~2001. But I don't recall a Delica ever having Kraton grip inserts. :confused: And that box, yeah, that's Japanese writing there... Maybe a JDM-only model??? :cool: :thumbsup:


    Thank you Joel!!! :cool: :D
  11. SpyderPhreak

    SpyderPhreak Rocketman for hire Platinum Member

    Apr 13, 2004
    Thank you for the gift Joel! :thumbsup: Love it! :cool: It is very possible, I grew up in Lakewood and still have family there.

    Very cool of you to do that Dan!!! :cool: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    dannyp likes this.
  12. Monofletch

    Monofletch Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    We do have a great bunch of guys here. I wish we all lived closer!!
  13. dannyp

    dannyp Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    Just roasted some of the India that Y'shua sent. Went a little darker than I wanted with the first batch, but there is still plenty left to mess around with.
  14. dannyp

    dannyp Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    I roasted some of the Yirgacheffe from my Christmas package last night. It's been a while since I had any, and it turned out pretty good. Just enjoying some while cleaning off some snow today.
  15. WillB

    WillB Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    Love me some coffee. Studies continue to find it has various potential health benefits. Such as, Protects DNA from damage.

    Consumption of a dark roast coffee blend reduces DNA damage in humans: results from a 4-week randomised controlled study


    To determine the DNA protective effects of a standard coffee beverage in comparison to water consumption.

    The single-blind, randomised controlled study with parallel design included healthy women (n = 50) and men (n = 50) recruited from the general Central European population. The subjects were randomised in a coffee and a control group, with stratification for sex and body mass index. The study comprised two periods of 4 weeks: a preconditioning period, with daily consumption of at least 500 ml water but no coffee, nor tea, nor any other caffeine-containing product. During the subsequent intervention period the coffee group consumed 500 ml of freshly brewed dark roast coffee blend per day, the control group consumed water instead. On the last day of each period, blood was drawn and analysed by comet assay (single-cell gel electrophoresis) to assess the level of DNA damage (strand breakage).


    At the end of the intervention period the mean level of DNA strand breaks in the coffee group has decreased in comparison to the control group [difference in means 0.23% TI (tail intensity), p = 0.028]. The mean change from baseline (delta value) was − 23% in the coffee group (p = 0.0012). Effects of coffee intake were similar for men and women. During intervention, neither group showed any significant change in body weight or calorie intake.


    Our results indicate that regular consumption of a dark roast coffee blend has a beneficial protective effect on human DNA integrity in both, men and women.



    And article in LEF magazine covering various benefits:

  16. Monofletch

    Monofletch Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    I hope everyone’s New Year is going well. I have been pretty busy so far.
  17. Ryan Thompson

    Ryan Thompson Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 27, 2016
    Going great but busy as well.

    Today is off to a good start!

  18. Monofletch

    Monofletch Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    Iron Bean!!!
  19. mrjoker


    Jan 8, 2019
    I like the AK-47 blend by Black Rifle Coffee co.
  20. Monofletch

    Monofletch Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 14, 2010
    I have an order from Black Rifle due tomorrow.
    I got Freedom Roast, Freedom Fuel, and Red White and Brew
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019

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