Don't Deal With Anotherforumname.........Guess I'm an Idiot!!!

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Sep 10, 2013
Actually it was person after person giving me their personal opinion......towards the end of the thread when someone actually pointed me to the right forum-specific guidance, I was good. And I believe I thanked that person. He even reached out to me and apologized for the less-than-personable way I was treated. I asked a question......NOBODY gave me guidance until he did. It was all opinion.

I most certainly am not in the "mob", nor am I a "rapist", as you so eloquently put it. I have my own opinion on the matter and could not give a rats ass what anyone else thinks about it. The thing is though, it just so happens to be consistent with the reasonable people here who have also tried to help you and offer their advice. For example, WTLJ's advice early on. He never took a poor tone with you. What he did was offer you sound, respectful, and the correct advice. You should have started a thread in Tech Support. You took the man's guidance and responded with a rude and belligerent tone. You are the one who turned this into this sh!t show. You did. Not WTLJ. Not Rev. You! You are responsible for what happens in this thread as you have guided it.

The funny thing is, this isn't the first time you've melted down for no reason. It really is telling.

I'll offer a piece of advice. Stop with all of the...... and the...... It is borderline painful to read your posts.

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