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Doug Ritter RSK Knife Announcement

Discussion in 'Benchmade Knife Company' started by Critter, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. BMCGear

    BMCGear Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 4, 2014
  2. usaedcgear

    usaedcgear Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    I had to grab an orange mini, with m390 I couldn't resist :thumbup:
  3. Arkansaw


    Dec 9, 2016
    I just ordered an orange MK1 this morning, now I read this. Fate!

    Also, hello all, first post, etc. Lurked here a while and figured I couldn't keep my trap shut much longer :D
  4. JNewell


    Nov 18, 2005
    When the Ritter Grips in M390 were first released, there were a few owners who felt that they'd received very soft blades. Was that ever determined to be true? If yes, was it addressed by Benchmade?
  5. Firestrike


    Dec 23, 2012
    While at the Benchmade Factory on Black Friday I had inquired as to why they were dropping HK and the response was that they wanted to produce 100% American and 100% Benchmade.

    Not sure of these ghostly quality issues as I have personally handled well over 100 Benchmade's in the last couple of years and purchased 20. Not a single one had any quality issues, given that several people disgruntled by BM's MAP pricing have complained about QC I am calling B.S. on the vast majority of quality complaints.

    As for the price difference between Benchmade and other companies, that is indeed laughable. Benchmade has much more diversity than most of it's competition, not to mention one of the best warranties out of all manufacturers in the industry. Add in Lifesharp for the knife sharpening challanged, blade replacements at a low cost, superior customer service, and free return shipping you are getting far more value at the price point than most companies. In my observation and expierence only Buck and Leatherman compete closely with the BM warranty, and the BM warranty is much quicker and cheaper than the legendary warranty of Busse Combat.

    I recently dropped off my Infidel at the factory and had it back in 6 days will a full tune up and sharpening, along with a detailed form explaining all adjustments and replacements made. No questions asked and return shipped on thier dime.

    Good luck getting the total package anywhere else.
  6. RamZar

    RamZar Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 3, 2013
    I had real quality issues with my new Benchmade knives purchased in late 2013 to middle 2014. Issues with blade play, blade not centered, blade tip protruding, asymmetrical swedge, etc. I stopped buying Benchmade for over 18 months. Finally, bought 3 this year and they were all perfect.

    Benchmade has great warranty and customer service with a blade replacement program and lifetime free sharpening. However, so does ZT which are also U.S. made. You can get a ZT 0350 with S30V & G-10 for $140. So, Benchmade's pricing is still not competitive. Benchmade should change MAP to about 30% off MSRP instead of the current 15% off MSRP.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2016
  7. jkarp_53


    May 25, 2006
    A large portion of what I purchased during the same time period had to go back for minor to major service. None of them ever went back after that, and BKC's QC has gotten a lot better. That's movement in the right direction with a positive note.
  8. Scooter70

    Scooter70 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 5, 2015
    That was quick. Now the question... Do I put the blue scales on the big Ritter or keep it orange?

  9. dwdickey


    Feb 14, 2014
    Who cares what the MAP is. The retailer can still charge whatever he or she wishes, they just can't advertise a lower price. The policy is not uncommon on name brand products in all industries, it's how companies combat online mega retailers and cut rate sellers to protect their authorized outlets. Supply & demand is the true price driver.
  10. Nfd538


    Jul 9, 2015
    Put the blue on the Ritter. Big and small matching set is nice 👍
  11. jkarp_53


    May 25, 2006
    I am glad I have this:


  12. Arick


    Apr 18, 2009
    Loving those scales Joe who made them?

    Be seeing you, Arick
  13. pbcg


    Oct 20, 2009
    I have to say I largely agree.

    I own over 100 BM's and purchased perhaps 30 of them in the last few years and as far as legitimate CQ issues returned all of one knife for service, and BM fixed it right up via a prepaid return label. A lot of it's subjective. If you're looking for issues on any production knife you'll find them. The question them becomes is it a real issue or something inherent in the design or process, something requiring a minor adjustment, or a real defect that only returning the knife will correct.

    If I contrast that with my Spyderco purchases during the same time period I bought a K2 that has terrible lock stick, a PM2 that developed and still has blade play and a Manix2 XL that had a very off center blade that I couldn't completely correct. The Brad Southard, Ti Military, and Gayle Bradley 2 are perfect.

    Of the 5 ZT's I purchased only the 0452CF came with an off center blade. Haven't bothered to try and correct it as it isn't close to rubbing. Blades being slightly off center is a non issue to me.
  14. RevDevil

    RevDevil Super Evil Supermod Staff Member Super Mod

    Nov 9, 2009
    For other knives I'd agree, but the Ritter is a special creature with a reasonable price tag and always has been. That was the purpose according to the ad copy text.
    I think it's lost the cost effectiveness factor for Benchmade, that would be one reasonable explanation that isn't too far fetched.
  15. pbcg


    Oct 20, 2009
    That or it just isn't selling like it used to?

    I called KW yesterday to see how many they had left. Want to pick one up but can't really afford it at the moment so I wanted to see if I had some time to buy. They said they still had over 100 in stock. Don't know if that's considered a lot or a little. Guess I'll find out next week if they have any left.
  16. Nfd538


    Jul 9, 2015
    For sure the best Griptilians made one of my top five blades.
  17. pbcg


    Oct 20, 2009
    That's what I keep hearing. I was pretty late in warming up to the Grip's in general but have been wanting to pick up one of the Ritter Grips for a long while now. Just hope I'm not too late and able to get one while they're still available.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2016
  18. Locutus D'Borg

    Locutus D'Borg

    Dec 1, 2012
    Love the Ritter Grip blade shape. These are great little knives.

  19. jkarp_53


    May 25, 2006
    These scales came from a Gold Class Limited. (552-400) The knife came to me in a trade and I added the stonewashed clip and the trader swapped the coated M4 blade for this S30V variant.
  20. Doubletee


    Apr 10, 2013
    Mine came today!,,, its as sharp as any factory edge I've ever gotten!,,, glad I got it before they ran out,been lusting for one awhile now so bit the bullet and ordered!👍🏻I have an orange one in 154 now it's match in 390 now!

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