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GTA (Afghanistan) -- courtesy a caring forumite.

Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by Bill Martino, May 31, 2002.

  1. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    Our first direct shipment to Afghanistan is being packed by Yangdu right now. It's headed to SRA "Wheels" who is with the 712th Air Support Operations Squadron. The knife is an 18 inch Kobra and was purchased by a generous, concerned and caring forumite as a PGA for this soldier who is doing down and dirty ground work. The forumite may identify himself if he so desires. I'm more than pleased with this sale for reasons which I think are obvious to all. Go get'em, Wheels!!!!!!
  2. Stephen Hamilton

    Stephen Hamilton

    Aug 18, 2000
    For those who wonder how serious this all is, I reluctantly suggest you visit http://www.stopislam.com and view the murders of Daniel Pearl and an (unnamed) Russian soldier. In the 50's and 60's I grew up in the Middle East and at that time things were different. In my heart I have no animosity towards Arabs or for that matter, Islam. However, we have seen the Taliban destroy Hindu statues, murder women and innocents. We see more and more the real face of radical Islam as practised by terrorists in Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan and Israel.

    My friends, it will trouble you deeply to see for yourselves what has happened, and I am not endorsing the website beyond pointing to it as a source. It will take a strong stomache to view. But the next time you hear some idiot behaving as if all sides are the same, you will know just exactly how wrong they are.

    Thank you, whoever bought that Khukuri. Tonight you are my hero.

  3. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    I took a quick look, Stephan, and I'll go back when I have the time.

    It's the same old story of groups. If your group is large enough and open enough you're going to get some bad apples.

    It makes me think of and feel sad for all the fine Muslim friends I've had in my life. One of my best buddies in college was a devout Muslim from Teherhan. He was a guest in my home many times and I had a carte blance from his parents if I ever visited Iran. I'm certain this fellow would have put himself between Pearl and his murderers if he was there and had the chance.

    And, I remember one night in Monterey, Mexico years ago when 4 Saudi rich guys didn't shirk their duty.

    Through no fault of my own I had words with a drunk Mexican in a brothel in Monterey that could have easily escalated into an 8 on one fight -- if the Saudis hadn't stepped in and made a stand with me. The Saudis who had met me at the Ancira hotel asked me to come along with them for a round of the local brothels (all expenses paid, of course) because I could speak a smattering of Spanish and knew my way around. They did not stand back when the chips were down and probably saved me from a nice beating.

    And then there's the Taliban and all other groups like them who preach one thing and do another.

  4. Kampfjaeger


    May 21, 2001
    It's a hate site... Plain and simple.

    It is taking the actions of the extremists and attributing their characteristics to the entire muslim world and faith. Hopefully most folks here will be intelligent enough to see this site for what it is.

    They do try to vanilla it down a little bit, but the message is clear. Plus they reference the masada2000.org website which is blatantly, rabidly racist.
  5. Federico


    Sep 5, 2000
    I just got to say that is a truly disgusting site. It is racist drivel to the greatest degree. Ive seen the same guys as these beat an 8 year old Somali boy so bad that he no longer had teeth. I take hate/racism seriously. Ive had my life threatened by neo-nazi scum. Ive watched as fellow minorities who were attacked by such scum but succeeded in defending themselves succesfully get 8 years in prison, while the same scum who beat that 8 year old Somali boy all got probabation. Sites like that one truly are sicken me to the greatest depth.
  6. servtech


    Dec 22, 1999
    It's quite a thrill to be able to send a Khukuri to one of our Marines. No, it's not like being there, or living vicariously with the thought that it's edge may taste raghead blood, hmmm, but the knowledge that there is a soldier somewhere who knows that someone cares about what he's doing, is tremendously satisfying. Please, share this feeling with me.
  7. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    A good deed and well done. I know it'll be much appreciated.
  8. Sylvrfalcn


    Jun 4, 2002
    On behalf of my buddy Phil "Wheels" Wheeler, I'd like to thank you for your generous and patriotic gesture. To quote Wheels ver batum; "this is one of the nicest things anybody's ever done for me".
    Senior Airman Wheeler is one of the most squared away kids I've met in my twenty three years in the Air Force. That's right Air Force, he's not a soldier or a marine, but he humps a rucksack on patrols right along side 'em. He's a ground tactical forward air controller, and the amount of firepower he can bring to bear with that radio in his rucksack is an awesome thing to behold.
    Wheels is a native born Texan, and an avid outdoorsman, fond of hunting wild hogs with just dogs and a "stickin' knife". I'm hoping the khukri you so kindly gave him will be used more for that sort of thing, and that he never has to wield it in battle. But, I know him well, and if push comes to shove you can be sure he'll make us proud.

    Thank you again,
    MSgt Gregory M. Sikes
    712th Air Support Operations Squadron
  9. wildmanh

    wildmanh Part time Leather Bender/Sheath maker

    Jul 9, 2000
    Wow, it's really great to know that Our service men are getting hold of some fine HI products. Thanks to the generios person that sent it to him. :)
  10. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    Welcome to the Cantina, Sarge. It's an honor to have you here.
  11. Sylvrfalcn


    Jun 4, 2002
    Thanks Uncle Bill,
    I'm the kind of guy that likes to be well informed about what's hanging on my belt, and the cantina is a true wealth of information. My kid brother asked me to find out what the acronym PGA stands for, seems he just picked up a spectacular deal on one and still can't believe it. His current Khukuri stable includes; HI BAS, HI WW II, and villager WW II. He's a staunch believer in "what's good enough for the Ghurkhas".
    As for myself, I have a growing affection for the Sirupati style. Carried my little 12 incher in the field yesterday and today, laying out and running a grueling land navigation course for some of our guys that needed a "refresher". It was good for me and the guys, including my commander. Nothing like a tough hump through the boonies to help forget about pre-deployment jitters.:cool:

    (plz overlook stuffiness of previous signatures, force of habit)
  12. ddean


    Mar 26, 2002
    Pala's Give Away
    He owns and runs HI.
  13. Stephen Hamilton

    Stephen Hamilton

    Aug 18, 2000

    It is no cliche' that we will remember you in our prayers. Don't let the men forget that the game is always bigger than the players. Trust your men. Trust the other noncoms. Trust your gear. Rely on your CO, but never stop thinking independently. Remember that there is no more dangerous creature than an American boy who wants to go home because there is something here worth fighting for!

    Stephen (27 years and counting...)
  14. Pappy


    Mar 1, 2002
    If you will send me some good lads address I'll pack up and sent him a khuk from the ones I've got. They won't let me go back on active duty but I can try to help a little some how.
    Jerry L. Peasley USMC Ret.
    101 Pine Valley Loop
    Smithville TX 78957-5274
  15. Ferrous Wheel

    Ferrous Wheel

    May 16, 2002
    First, glad 2 hear another serviceman w/ a khuk! Congrats, and welcome to the forum Sgt.

    Second, I gotta side w/ Fed and Kampfjaeger on the hatesite thing. No packaging, words, rationalizations, or justifications makes hate a product to sell. Sad to see some are buying...

    Thanks for the link, Stepehn H, I understand that you do not condone this sort of thing but are just posting it as an FYI to the rest of us.

  16. Spectre


    Nov 3, 1998
    Welcome to the Cantina, Sergeant. Good folks. I'm partial to the 16.5" WWII, but all the HI kuks are good gear.

    PFC John Shirley
    A CO 1-5 Inf
  17. Rusty

    Rusty Moderator Moderator

    Mar 8, 1999
    The reason for the PGA's is to get money to move the shop ( Birghorka ).

    If necessary to India, but hopefully just to the boondocks near Kathmandu yet far enough to be overlooked by both Maoists and any corrupt government official. The kamis, wives, and kids all go too unless they choose differently.
  18. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    Right now the boondocks are looking better than India. Wasn't there a movie called, "No Place to run?"
  19. Sylvrfalcn


    Jun 4, 2002
    Thanks Pappy,
    The guys are really excited, and can't thank you enough (but they'll be making their best attempt as soon as I, with your permission, give them your address).
    All these Khukris headed off to war should make for some colorful weapons inspections over there. I once told my guys no one was getting fed that morning until all weapons passed inspection. They were all grinning ear to ear with their "slick as a whistle" M-16s.
    Grinning until I told the first guy to unsheath his issue KaBar and hand it to me. They soon figured out when I said "all weapons", I meant all weapons.;)

  20. Pappy


    Mar 1, 2002
    I got the addresses OK. For some reason I didn't realize that you were in Kaleen. I'll e-mail you. I think it would be easier to deliver the goods and safer too.

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