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  1. phantomknives


    Mar 31, 2016
    Just as chipper as always, i cant wait to get back in the saddle on a few things and look forward to yours as well
    Damn, talk about a life changing incident, im glad you made it out with everything but damn.

    I hope you can get back to what you love doing soon enough, im sorry fate did you dirty like that
  2. jake pogg

    jake pogg

    Dec 20, 2015
    A17,i hope you're recovering well,man.
    It gave me a nasty tweak,reading about your mishap,that's just how it goes,life takes a turn just when we least expect it...

    The moose hunting season is coming to a close here,a time of wider than usual traveling,and contemplation.I've been to several places in the last few weeks(nearly a thousand river-miles of travel this season),one of them my old neighborhood where i homesteaded when much younger...
    (and where i once pulled a similar stunt to A17's,though not as severe,and crawled around for weeks healing up with mortality more than ever on my mind).

    I went to my old stomping grounds for the last few days of hunting,and to help my old friend rebuild a bridge that his creek washed away earlier this summer.He's an old hermit,now kicking 80 in the ass,and could use an extra hand.

    Here's a shot from the beach in front of his place.

    I'm on the North bank of the Yukon,looking westward,downstream.At almost the furthest point on that same side you can kinda make out an island,with a dark band of spruce along it's top.
    On the map it's called Dainty Is.,and in the slough to the north of it is where i used to live(for scale i'm 4.5 miles up from there).

    Lately i live in a biggish(by local standards)village 40 miles downstream,with airport,a dozen miles of road,and(obviously:)) internet,but i come out a few times a year to help Andy with some chores,and put some distance between myself and all the busy-ness of life among the human affairs.

    So every evening i go off to hunt the small tributary that comes in from the South,spend the night somewhere up there,then after the morning hunt come back down to spend the day working with Andy on his bridge.
    That tributary,the Yuki r.,is small and winding,and has many a nook and cranny where i can tuck in,invisible to even someone traveling on that small stream.

    I'm entirely self-contained in my little boat(actually one borrowed from a friend,my own being even smaller:)),and this is where i try to do my thinking,for a spell,untill i can get back out here,or some other similar place in several other directions of where my main base is now....

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