Traditional and Modern pairings

Apr 6, 2016


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Sep 2, 2004
Nice knives, and I really like that slip... really tight stitches! :cool::thumbsup:
Thanks, John. That slip has a pocket clip and was USA made by William Henry for that size WH knife. They're really well made. The peanut is in a dangler pouch, not shown.


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Jan 16, 2010
Nice photo, John. I accidentally put my new Bugout through the wash the other day, and now the action is very gritty. I took it apart, cleaned it and oiled it, but it didn’t help. I think some of the coating might have come off of the lock bar. It might have to take a trip back to Benchmade.

Thanks for the advice, ED. I was pretty thorough the first time, not sure how much more I could do. Benchmade was my go-to knife brand for years before I really got into traditional knives, and I’ve found them to be pretty flexible when it comes to warranty service. I think putting it through the washing machine probably voided the warranty, as well, technically speaking, but I have a feeling they’ll take care of it.

If I disengage the axis lock, the knife operates as smooth as butter. It’s only when the rounded tang is contacting the lock bar (like when you open it with the thumb stud) that it feels super gritty. You can even hear it. I don’t think I’ve ever had one with a coated axis lock/bar, and I’m guessing that’s the problem. (I can’t say that I actually ever looked at the lock bar where it contacts the tang on this knife before accidentally washing it, but it looks now like it had a coating that’s now partly worn off.)
I had the exact thing happen with my Bugout. Not the washing machine part, but the gritty opening part. I had washed the knife with soap and hot water, and put a few drops of oil in the pivot. I was a little messy with the dropper and got some oil on the lock bar. After that, it was gritty when opening. I looked for any debris in the works and saw a shiny line on the lock bar. I washed the oil off, used wd-40 to blow off moisture. After drying out, it's smooth again.
The other day, I read a comment in the Maintenance Forum saying that the locking bar on the Bugouts is made of titanium, and will feel gritty if oiled. This makes zero sense to me, but I can't argue with the results, so I'm passing on the info.
I had these two with me on Xmas day, for opening presents.