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What folding lockback knife would James Bond carry?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by colubrid, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. colubrid

    colubrid Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2005
    Along with his traditional Rolex watch and Walther PPK. What knife would James Bond carry?

    I would say it was between a Rocktsed or Sebenza to match his Walther PPK and Rolex watch.

    Sean Connery will always be James Bond but Daniel Craig at least went back to the Walter PPK. Any Bond not using the Walter PPK is no James Bond in my book.

    So what folding knife would compliment his Rolex and Walter? I know he used a switchblade in one movie. But I would like to imagine something more progessive since back in Connery days there was no Sebenzas or Rockstead knives.


  2. Danke42


    Feb 10, 2015
    Bond is all about fixed blades.
  3. The Zieg

    The Zieg

    Jan 31, 2002
    In an early novel, he has a switchblade hidden in a briefcase. But yeah, he's a fixed blade guy.

    Pre HMSS, he might have carried a Royal Navy clasp knife, but he was Commander Bond, RN, no foremast jack. So maybe an SAK for minor chores? Or a switchblade chute knife when did his airborne training?

  4. sabre cat

    sabre cat Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 4, 2014
    I would like to suggest an Insingo but Bond would carry something of European origin.
  5. colubrid

    colubrid Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2005
    The point of this thread is to have fun about which folding lockback he "would" carry. What James Bond had was sleek ,sexy , simple, classy yet high tech without being overkill glitz. For instance he would never have skulls and crap all over his titanium handle knife. LOL!

    Last edited: Feb 8, 2017
  6. colubrid

    colubrid Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2005
    What lockback knives are made in Britain today? They are illegal there. No lockbacks allowed.

    I don't think carrying a Shirogorov (Russian knife) would be cool .
  7. brcromer

    brcromer “Pierrot Le Fou”

    Oct 22, 2007
    It would seem someone already looked into this:


    "M (Ralph Fiennes) gives James Bond (Daniel Craig) a Gerber 06 Automatic S30V Drop Point knife in SPECTRE."

    Edit: I guess I'm not really helping with the OP. My mistake.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2017
  8. sabre cat

    sabre cat Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 4, 2014

    Illegal? Bond is a double 0. Licensed to kill. He would be exempt.

    If not, then how about an Italian or German knife?
  9. Charlie Mike

    Charlie Mike Sober since 1-7-14 (still a Paranoid Nutjob) Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Nov 1, 2000
    Spyderco Jess Horn
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  10. Sosa


    Feb 6, 2014
    Emerson super a100 with triad lock haha
  11. colubrid

    colubrid Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2005
    I just don't know if any lockback knives are manufactured in England because they are illegal there.
  12. colubrid

    colubrid Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2005
    Like this?:

  13. Hickory n steel

    Hickory n steel Basic Member Basic Member

    Feb 11, 2016
    I think Sean Connery might carry a small Mercator to go with his Walther ppk, and Daniel Craig would carry a slightly larger mercator to go with his slightly larger Walther ppk/s.
    I don't imagine either using their pocket knife for anything tactical so a smaller mercator would be fine.
  14. Thetimefarm


    Jul 28, 2015
    Mnandi, Marfione Custom, Direware, depends on where he is and what he's doing.
  15. stabman

    stabman Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 17, 2007
  16. GermanyChris


    Feb 18, 2015
    A CF Jerry Moen auto
  17. Billy The Blade

    Billy The Blade

    Jul 30, 2014
    An Italian made Stilletto Switchblade, maybe O.T.F. ....Sleek, Black & Chrome,
    Very disgreetly, & non-typically carried, & used for various line cutting, escaping, & rescuing (Damsels mainly) Along with the occasional use as a 'Thrower' to stop a villian cold....
    or at the very least, very 'Shaken' and as always the damsel left quite 'Stirred' 😗 B.T.B.
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  18. dkb45

    dkb45 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 16, 2012
    He would probably carry a Spyderco Jani-song, because e that knife is so damn cool, and not available in the US.
  19. fausto nasafiaschi

    fausto nasafiaschi

    Aug 6, 2000
    if we think along the lines of the traditional 007 with his PPK and Rolex, it has to be a euro knife, any of the following would make a good James Bond knife:
    a large Mercator to keep the made in Germany motif
    any of the Victorinox alox original soldier or pioneer or farmer
    any italian stiletto (plain plastic handle no stag or bone or anything fancy)
    any german made OTF switchknife (plastic or all metal handle)

    For the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) we have to take into consideration the times of globalization we are living-in and all the cool stuff available, IMO it has to be a Microtech OTF automatic
  20. Jimislash

    Jimislash Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 7, 2016

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