What knife would you like to see next from CPK?

Jeff Dickinson

Gold Member
Mar 25, 2018
I'm still most excited for the Integral Shiv and it is what I'm hoping to see soon.

But after that? Maybe something that blurs the lines between bushcraft and weapon. Harsey and Spartan did an excellent job of this with the Defensa. But I think that CPK could outdo that.

I'd imagine something about the size of the HDFK but a little bit thinner stock. Bring the guard out a little further on the edge and spine side and bring the scales up into the guard to create a little beef there. Keep the classic CPK butt swell. Maybe add a little more aggressiveness to the drop point. Of course this knife would be prime for a sharpened swedge, but it wouldn't be necessary.

I'd buy one!
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