What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?


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Jul 24, 2020
Here are today’s carries. 85 CL in cherry bone, and the 38 jigged burnt orange bone English whittler. Have a nice weekend everyone!!


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Sep 2, 2004
I'm carrying my GEC cherry bone 85 caplifter today for my 35th birthday. Also resigned from my job this morning. Cheers everyone! Have a great weekend.

gifting myself the 38 jig bone English whittler that's hiding under my sink tonight when I get home lol. I will post pics this evening.
Happy Birthday! You are officially half my age! :eek:

Amir Fleschwund

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Nov 29, 2008
Beautiful Barlows Jeff. Have fun at the wedding, mask free! 😊 Sounds like you have a great two weeks ahead of you. Enjoy your family! 😊👍
Thanks much! You bet we wil!
But I must confess to making a last minute change before leaving...
I put the smaller barlow back into it’s usual spot in it’s usual cigar box, and replaced it with a Camillus TL-29. Just seemed more ...
Prudent. 😗
Safe travels, Jeff. :)
Thanks, John! Safely ensconced in the hotel for now.
Met the brother & sister singing team who I will be accompanying on my guitar... great kids.
Sound check around 3:00, then the wedding.
I have a Northwoods slim/dogleg Jack in the same color and jigging as the Stockman.
The steel on the Jack and the Stockman is D2.
The color isn't quite as rich as the color on the stockman though ...

Classic pattern!

Both beauties Rachel :cool: :) Wait! Is that discolouration on the blades?! :eek: :eek: ;) :thumbsup:
We have it on good authority that all kinds of mayhem is caused by that infernal smooth ivory bone.
Got a pair of new to me F&F models with me today. The Hayn' Helper is really nice. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Hey fellow Nife Briter!
Nice x2!
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