CF TGLB owners: Anyone experience this with their CF blade?


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Jun 10, 2009
The non coated Busses that have fullers are usually dc inside the fuller from the factory, I'm not sure about these TGs though.
Mar 20, 2012
No problem here. I do keep a light oil (usually a spray of canola oil, to keep it ready any job, including food prep). I leave mine in the combat masters sheath. Not a blemish, and i've had it out chopping, cutting steak, and a little light splitting.

But i do wipe it down and give it a spritz of canola at the end of the day.


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Jun 23, 2007
That means there was a bit of decarb that was left. A quick media blast will take it right off.

The shop will take care of you.

This was a bit of an issue with the earlier comp finish, and they fixed it. Looks like yours needed a tiny bit more cleaning before shipping out.

Email the shop! If you want to fix on your own, it would also be easy.
May 27, 2007
You must have done something wrong... mine is fine.


But, yeah. It's the decarb. It is only SURFACE rust. It will not pit the blade. Jerry clarified this in one of his posts.

If it bothers you, get a 3m sanding wheel and attach it to a drill. It won't harm the knife and will fix it up right away. Search for ghetto satin. Lots of guys have done it here. I would go find a good link for you, but I have a belly full of beer... and am too lazy at the moment. :D

Here is a pic of my CF Sarsquatch...


After 3m wheel....


It's all good... :D



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Oct 15, 2009
About a minute or two with a scotchbrite wheel on a bench grinder takes that right off.
Yours may not have been bead blasted as well as mine was because mine didn't do that after I let it sit for four weeks with moisture from fresh weeds all over the blade.
Also, condensation builds quickly in those spec ops liners, so unless you have some sort of humidity/climate control where it is stored in it, I would not recommend that in a humid environment.
Still a bummer though.


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Aug 12, 2008
Damn, just got mine yesterday. :eek:

It'll be interesting to see how many have that problem. I'm hoping your's just missed a step in processing.
Dec 28, 2011
I had a tiny spec of surface rust on my hilt/guard this morning when I woke up. However that could just be a fluke thing. I think it goes back to that decarb thing some were talking about because there are black specs in the same area. They might just need to be scrubbed off. I'll report back if it develops more.

Aug 15, 2007
INFI is great but its still steel, not magic adamantite level 4. :)
CF is basically raw metal. At the veryleast, put a thin layer of mineral oil all over the blade. The oil gets into all that microtexture and protects it from rust. Dotn do it and water goes in there with te predictable results. There's a reason why premium blades are satin or even better mirror finish. The more fine the finish is, the less likely it is to have places for dirt, acids,and humiudity to catch onto and do its thing on steel.
Becasue of this, I was already planning on polishing the blade ver nicely and oiling well all other surfaces. This not only helps a lot in terms of rust, but also it makes it esier to wipe clean, especially after messy jobs like food prep.
Sep 27, 2010
I prefer the Teflon based oils myself, but I don't use my Busse's for food prep. Always wipe down guns and blades before putting them away. Saves a lot of time later.


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Feb 24, 2011
Eek! That must have been quite the shock to find...

I agree with what others have posted here in that you probably have more of the decarb layer left on your knife than other CF TGLB's we've seen so far. But you're a long time Hog, I'm sure you already know that it's not a huge deal and will be removed quite easily, especially if you go the fun route and baton all that rust away!

Or maybe there's a bigger factor at work here. Maybe your TGLB is protesting your choice to keep it as a safe queen. Perhaps that piece of INFI is self-aware and realized that a little surface rust would be the best chance of you putting it into your user rotation? It's clear to me that the moral of the story here is to USE IT! ;)


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Sep 11, 1999
This subject has been covered many times in this forum. I had a Sarsquatch with the CF finish. It had some surface rust and I bead blasted the blade. End of problem.
Mar 19, 2013
The top photo looks like a completely different knife by looking at the handle than the following pics. Did you use some sort of filter on the photos? They just don't look like the same knife. Not saying they aren't real; just wondering why they look so different when comparing the two. :)
Oct 6, 2012
This is how it looked when I got this in the first week of August:

This is how I found it this morning. The blade is unused, and has been in its Spec Ops sheath for about 1.5 months since I last saw it. :mad::mad::mad:


Now what? I'll try some simichrome and see if it'll get the job done....

You will probably want to stab me with it for saying this but....!!!!THAT BLADE LOOKS AWSOME!!!! (awsome in the full sense and meaning of the word!!!!!)... I wish I could make a patina that looks like that... I dont know if I should say "Im sorry" or "congratulations"..

Question...¿If you´d coat it with a transparent laquer, will the rust keep developing underneath the paint ?
Mar 10, 2010
Did he update the photos? Cause I wanna know how he added the pattern on the handle! I have to assume that the top photo is after refinishing to remove the surface rust and hand smoothing the grips.
May 6, 2008
I do have a CGFBM and Hell Razor that are in CF, and have not had this problem. The CGFBM is a user and the HR is not.

I do have Ren Wax at home but didnt think about using it since the other CF blades didnt have the rust issues without using any Ren Wax or Mineral oil.

The initial cf (competition?) finishes were found on the squatches, jackhammers and hellrazors they had that nifty black stuff called decarb, it looks cools but it rust's very easily. Then there were the double cut, shiny zero edged bushwacker mistresses that came out later, they were said to have cf, but they didn't, no decarb, but it was...because Busse said so. :confused: Is that what you meant by "CGFBM"? Anyways, by the looks of things decarb is back in this round of cf finish found on the tg's. So you're going to find rust. The long and short of it is you're lucky if you have a cf hellrazor that didn't rust, but don't compare your mistress (if it's a bwm) to your tg because while your bm has the cf finish, it doesn' regards to rust.
Sep 27, 2006
That happened to both of mine BUT I am positive they got wet (were in a wet bag / towel).

After a little naval jelly from the local hardware store they're as good as new.
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