Guardians of The Lambsfoot!

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by Jack Black, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Crazy Canuck

    Crazy Canuck Singing along with the voices in my head Gold Member

    Nov 24, 2013
    Happy Monday, Guardians. Bit chilly out there on this holiday Monday. Sticking indoors today with my ebony lambsfoot, with a pot of chai simmering on the stove.

  2. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    I didn't realise it was a holiday in Canada too Mike, sorry about that :oops: Happy Family Day :) Keep warm, and have a good one my Canadian friends :thumbsup:
  3. mitch4ging

    mitch4ging Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 16, 2015
    Thanks, Ron!
    It was a nice day, but sure short lived!
    I usually hurt myself going in for the breakfast tub!!:eek::D
    Thank you, my friend! Hope you get some sunshine, sure is a morale! :cool:
    Thank you so much, Harvey! Those lambs are sure photogenic!;):thumbsup:
    Great shot of your HHB, Harvey!:cool::thumbsup:
    The apples fix everything!!:D

    "Hey, Hey, My, My, that grand photo caught my eye"!:D:thumbsup:
    And great music selection!:cool::thumbsup:
    Thank you very much for the grand coments, Gary!
    We had thought about retiring in Ruidoso, we go through there so much going to visit family, but would not live in Albuquerque or El Paso!

    Fantastic photograph, Gary!
    "Sun with his artistic touch,
    streaks skies of blue with rosy blush,
    trimming Oak and Maple too,
    crimson reds with yellow hue.

    Ent that cool!:D:thumbsup:

    Aye, and a toe tapper for sure! Here's another legendary performance!

    And the HHB looks as handsome as always!
    We'll have to look into those, very pretty!
    Thanks, David!:cool::thumbsup:
    Very cool photo, and love the map!:):thumbsup:
    And having a Lambsfoot "on hand" sure helps!!:cool::thumbsup:
    Prefer Pocket Pieces, Partner!:cool::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    Really love that flashlight John, what is that?:)

    Java Java Jave!
    Have a great week, all!
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  4. Half/Stop

    Half/Stop Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    Thanks Jack! :) I hope you have a great Tuesday and some good pancakes my friend! :thumbsup: Fat Tuesday here in the states is Feb 25th. :D
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  5. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Thanks pal, dark now, but hoping for some better weather tomorrow :)

    LOL! :D Thanks again Dennis, great, enjoy your coffee, that golden Lamb is looking fine as wine ;) :thumbsup:
  6. mitch4ging

    mitch4ging Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 16, 2015
    Nice shot, Ron! Nice and healthy snack too, I've had too many of "the other apple" snacks!

    Delicious looking, and great shots of Ms Lucy!
    Enjoy your holiday!
  7. Half/Stop

    Half/Stop Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 25, 2014
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  8. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Thanks Ron, I have an electrician coming to replace an old fuse box in the morning, which is a bit annoying. Hope he gets finished quickly, so I have time to have a double pancake session :rolleyes: I've been thinking of going on the wagon for Lent (or until my birthday at the end of March), so I may have to have a few Pancake Day whiskies too ;) Thanks for letting me know the date for Fat Tuesday in the US, I dare say I can find an American pancake house then ;) :D :thumbsup:
  9. Crazy Canuck

    Crazy Canuck Singing along with the voices in my head Gold Member

    Nov 24, 2013
    All good, and thanks Jack. Since we don't have Presidents, we call it Family Day :)
  10. JohnDF

    JohnDF Gold Member Gold Member

    May 14, 2018
    Me too, my friend. :D:thumbsup:


    My God kids gave it to me for my birthday. Just some random led light they picked up, but I really like it.
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  11. JohnDF

    JohnDF Gold Member Gold Member

    May 14, 2018
    Sticking with today's lunch theme... Chili Cheese Burger and Onion Rings!!!
  12. Pàdruig

    Pàdruig Live and Let Die Platinum Member

    Dec 1, 2016
    Thank you, fellas, for the kind compliments and my apologies for the late acknowledgement - Busy as ever, I'm afraid. That said, I was able to take a few moments and get all caught up.

    @Modoc ED - I really hope that you are well and are speedily on the road to recovery.

    @Wild Ben - Thank you for being an exceptional host to Linus, I enjoyed every post. I especially liked your posts with regards to Abe Lincoln. Being a former Civil War re-enactor, my interest is always piqued with matters that pertain to history. I hope you don't mind that I only used your first Abe Lincoln post in Linus's Adventure index - Being that I am likely approaching the character limit for a single post, I am trying to conserve space before I have to either start a new thread or spread it over a couple of new posts here.

    @Jack Black - I hope the weather improves for you and that it improves for all the fellow Guardians who are experiencing inclement weather. Though not at all dire, I've definitely had my share of rain (par for the course here in the PNW) and my creek is rather swollen at the moment.

    This is a picture I took the other day and neglected to post it. If the weather holds I will be taking more pictures this evening of my carry today.

    All the best to everyone and a happy Monday!

  13. donn

    donn Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 14, 2002
    Boot nailing patterns. :D:thumbsup: That's great! That sort of thing is lost lore to most people now I bet. I have a book with things like powder loads for brass field cannons, and other stuff we've stupidly forgotten. :cool:
    I've got to show off here Jack and say I still fit 36 inch trousers, though if I don't start moving about a bit more they'll go the same way as my 34's. But, I don't know if you have this in Yorkshire, in Lancashire we have 'sitting down trousers'. So my 'standing trousers' are 36. My 'sitting trousers' are, well not 36.....:oops::D

    Thanks! Lovely covers on the lambsfoot there, and the mug bought a smile to my face.:)
    For your curiosity, the maps:

    Curses! I thought Shrove Tuesday was the 25th in the UK as well but I'm busy tomorrow.:(:rolleyes:

    And sorry I must of missed things so Happy Presidents and Family Day's to our respective colonial cousins. :thumbsup:
  14. Half/Stop

    Half/Stop Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    Same to you Dylan! :thumbsup: :)
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  15. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....:) :) :) :thumbsup:

    Always a pleasure to see you here Dylan :) Thank you my friend, I hope we both keep our feet dry ;) Love your porch pics :thumbsup:

    Aye, I hope I can track down another first edition one day :) Years ago, an old climber I used to know gave me an early pair of rubber-soled climbing boots (EBs) decades past their sell-by date. He told me he had packed in climbing not long after climbers started using 'rubbers' (pause for laughter :rolleyes:), as he didn't think 'they gave the rock a chance'! :confused: And all over Britain, you will still find the scars of nailed climbing boots on the rock o_O

    Someone has to preserve the knowledge David ;) :thumbsup:

    I can both stand and sit in 38's, but I think I would be standing very uncomfortably in a 36! :eek: I seemed to go from 34 to 38 in the wink of an eye! :D

    Shrove Tuesday IS the 25th David! :eek: I have been outdone by greed/my Google calendar! o_O Still, there's no point telling my girlfriend, who is taking me out for the first round of pancakes tomorrow! ;) :) Sorry about that :oops: :thumbsup:
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  16. cigarrodog

    cigarrodog Platinum Member Platinum Member

    May 18, 2014
    @Jack Black - Thank you Jack. I can imagine when they see each image is with Lamb Foot Knive, they’ll be chomping at bit to sponsor me.:D Me thinks your week starter Hartshead Barlow is my favorite. Stellar. From all the fun things you eat on PD, sounds like my kind of Holiday.:thumbsup:

    @donn - Thank you David. Your images of the Cat and Fiddle were a sad testament to how it must have been a wonderful welcoming sanctuary on a cold winter night. Love the color of your Horn hafted Lamb.

    @Wild Ben - You were a fine host to Linus.

    @mitch4ging - Thank you Dennis. Love the tree man image. Equally enjoyed your coffee and Lamb image. Wishing you good things, Dennis.

    @JohnDF - Can I havit to go?:D Great culinary and Lamb Foot image, John.

    Good Afternoon Guardians.
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  17. JohnDF

    JohnDF Gold Member Gold Member

    May 14, 2018
    Sorry, I ate the whole thing. :D

    Marbleous photo. :cool::thumbsup:
  18. Wild Willie

    Wild Willie Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 19, 2018
    Sure does!!! Especially with a little libation at the end of the day. 1581978523924812077107.jpg
    @Jack Black thank you for your kindness. If getting old were easy then I think everyone would look forward to it. I'm at least lucky to have found an occupation that I truly enjoy, gotta take the bad with the good.

    The lambsfoot is good
  19. btb01

    btb01 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 26, 2008
    David, your mention of a bikers pub reminded me of the time Jack and I were at the Fat Cat in Sheffield and the place was suddenly overrun by a gang of unruly bikers! :eek:

    (Ok, perhaps “bikers” isn’t the right term. “Cyclists” is probably more accurate. Still, scary stuff! :rolleyes:)

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  20. Prester John

    Prester John Gold Member Gold Member

    May 20, 2018
    Isn't Mardi Gras next Tuesday, the 25th?

    Edit: just saw the newer post, Jack.
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