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INFI Ratmandu With Full-Height Flat Grind! . . .Wed. 8-7-19 at 9:00pm Eastern!!!. . (Cool Pics)

Discussion in 'Busse Combat Knives' started by Jerry Busse, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. bikerector

    bikerector Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 16, 2016
    They're trying to get you not to order right away so those dirty pigs can scoop up the knives while you're not looking. Don't trust a pig when the bacon is of limited quantity. They'll be back to being your best friend when the sale is over though.
  2. rpn

    rpn Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 17, 2008
    very tempting...
    Hard Knocks and duramax like this.
  3. WLJ4163

    WLJ4163 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 9, 2006
    Very nice classic Swamp Rat - I'm in!
  4. Munroc


    Sep 20, 2017
    Yeah I'm liking this one
  5. zmbhntr

    zmbhntr ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿''̿ ̿

    Jul 28, 2014
    This is pretty awesome I think! It’s been almost exactly 5 years to the day that I ordered my first Infidu, which was during Blade Show Ganza on July 30th 2014. That Ganza was actually the first time I ever ordered a Busse, and I also got a TGLB and SOB in the same order. I still have the TGLB, but I gave the Infidu to my father for Christmas that year; it’s about time to get another Infidu as a 5 year Busse collecting anniversary present to myself! Satin and black canvas for me.
    nydude and Béma like this.
  6. Revolverrodger


    Jul 23, 2007
    I thought I was retired and now they pull me back in...
  7. hhmoore

    hhmoore Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2014
    Maybe not regularly; but they're out there.

    it's hidden a bit in the picture; but the bottom one has been used some
    MosesMcgregor likes this.
  8. duramax

    duramax KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Nov 29, 2012
    That was a good year scored a couple myself :) from that years Blade show
    Yes some of those are infidus :)
    Hard Knocks and David Lennon like this.

    JACKMANDU Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 10, 2019
    Definitely didn’t sit this one out! Got my order in, just in time. Those went quick. :thumbsup:
  10. TrailWolf


    Apr 13, 2009
    Ha. Me too.
  11. KnifeKnutz


    Feb 2, 2016
    FHFG, epic model, infi, satin, slicy, no distractions :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    This rat king has smiled upon us! :D
    JACKMANDU likes this.
  12. cut it out

    cut it out Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 11, 2010
    This will be fun to compare to the originals. I’m in
  13. David Lennon

    David Lennon Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2017
    I wonder how quick will these process , are they already finished so ready for payment nearly straight away or is there be a bit of a lead time do you think ?
  14. Jerry Busse

    Jerry Busse Moderator Moderator

    Aug 20, 1999
    These are not ready to ship and there will be a lead time of 8-12 weeks. . . .:thumbsup::cool:


  15. David Lennon

    David Lennon Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 26, 2017
    Well that's it I'm in. Thanks for the info.:thumbsup::)
  16. ironmike86

    ironmike86 Basic Member Basic Member

    Nov 5, 2006
    Nice are the handles G10? Im a Busse noob and cant find good pics of the canvas marron or green. And is that satin finish on the blade?
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2019
  17. resinguy

    resinguy Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 19, 2006
    Tequila Jalapeno-brined INFI tastes great and performs even better!
    blackhat, MattinLA and JACKMANDU like this.
  18. MosesMcgregor

    MosesMcgregor Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 30, 2014
    What would a hog have to do to get a BIG FINISH on one of these. Asking for a friend.

    duramax, ironmike86 and David Lennon like this.
  19. hhmoore

    hhmoore Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2014
    G10 on all 4. The bottom two are satin, the top two are BIG finish (Busse Industrial Grade, iirc - it's sort of a rough satin)
    ironmike86 likes this.
  20. effenoam

    effenoam Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 19, 2013
    And I had just placed an order for a ratmandu....

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