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  1. prom52

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    Jan 13, 2014
    Talk about being caught in a time warp. It's hard to believe that Blade Show wrapped up a week ago today. As a first time attendee I can honestly say that my expectations were completely blown away by the plethora of knives & related accessories, however the lasting memories came from the hospitality provided by Andy, Dylan, Allen, Chris, Phillip, & David plus the incredible opportunity to meet many of the Blade Forum members who made the show.

    Here is what my wife aptly named "the stairway to knife heaven":


    Blade Show is fully compliant with the laws of gravity.....what goes up, must come down. Here is a shot of "Da Pit" where attendees go to chill:


    Here is the official Fiddleback Greeting Team, Hanna & Lilly Roy. They were the real "Show Stoppers":


    There were big knives like this amazing Khukuri:


    And artful knives like this beautiful collaboration between Jeremy Spake & Mareko Maumasi. I have to sincerely thank Sergio for introducing me to Jeremy's work & yes, this bad boy will be added to my collection once Jeremy finishes up crafting a custom sheath:


    Here is a shot of another collaboration project, a Fletcher Bush Operator II with Red, White & Blue Shadetree scales. The handle material was gifted to me by my good friend Phil (Comprehensivist). L to R are Phil, myself, Dylan Combs of Shadetree Phenolics and Dylan Fletcher:


    Here is a shot of Phil and his lovely wife, Melissa checking out "Lord Fletcher's" table:


    I almost forgot to mention that there are also amazing places to dine in and around the show. We followed a tip from Bud to check out the Marietta Diner for some incredible down home southern cooking. Little did we know that the diner is one of the top rated diners nationally, and one of the top ten places to eat before you die:


    And finally, here are some shots of the Fiddleback & W.A. Surls knives that followed me home from the show. I have to thank Sergio for the beautiful Ladyfinger, which I believe was a Blade Show knife from last year, and Phil for the "knock me over with a feather" Duke in E.O. Shadetree burlap:




    In closing I would like to thank Andy & Crew for making knives that speak to us, and for providing a forum where we are blessed with the spirit of true friendship.

  2. Bill510c

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    Aug 5, 2011
    Again some great shots Peter. It was a pleasure seeing you, Phil and your lovely wives once again. I'm really digging that improved nessmuk you got from Allen...
  3. prom52

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    Jan 13, 2014
    Same here Bill. always a pleasure. Yes, I'm so glad I picked up this Loveless style Muk from Allen. The handle has an amazing feel & the shape of the blade has some magic to it, not to mention the awesome spalting.


    Took it out for a few more glamour shots yesterday:


    It made for a nice cigar cutter as well. I want to thank Justen (Southern Gent) for the Fuente, which I gave to my next door neighbor in celebration of the birth of his new baby boy. The amazing thing is that my neighbor's child had to undergo heart reconstruction surgery right after birth much like Justen's son Madden. My hope is that Madden's story will offer a ray of hope to our neighbors miracle baby. I thought it fitting to share the cigar from Justen.
  4. Southern Gent

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Peter, great meeting you at Blade and very glad you were able to pass the Opus along to someone who will celebrate it properly. If you haven't already, please pass along my contact info to your neighbor. I'm not sure exactly how much help I can be, but I can tell Madden's story and how it affected us first hand. It is a scary unknown road and just hearing about another family's journey is helpful since you can feel all alone on an island. Looking forward to the next time we can all get together. Trackrock is right around the corner...
  5. prom52

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    Jan 13, 2014

    I'd be more than happy to pass along your contact information. If you are comfortable doing so please send me a PM with either a phone number or e:mail address and I'll offer it to James & Nikki. This is their second child, however their first son, couldn't think of a better reason to light up an Opus.

  6. Comprehensivist

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    Aug 23, 2008
    My wife Melissa and I just got back home a few days ago after our extended road trip through North Carolina and Tennessee following the Blade Show. That is certainly a beautiful part of our great country.

    I came to the show this time with a goal having some great conversations with old friends and meeting new forum members while keeping an open mind about what knives to buy.

    Our trip got off to a great start when we arrived at the Renaissance Waverly hotel on Thursday night. Peter (prom52) and his wife Susan had a drink and appetizer spread ready to greet us. Peter and I have literally exchanged more than a couple hundred PM’s, e-mails, and/or phone calls over the last two years, yet we had never met in person. It was great to finally meet, shake his hand, and exchange hugs with the wives.

    The four hour wait in line on Friday morning before early bird entry to the show went by quickly for me thanks to some great conversations with other friends in line. Besides Peter & Susan, I spent time talking to Sergio, Rick, Rob & Rob Sr., Bud (thanks for the Marrietta Diner recommendation :thumbup: ), Elena, and others who passed by.

    Once the doors opened, it was was great to see the whole Fiddleback crew and be blown away by the amazing knives each of the makers had to offer. There were many more knives to choose from this time than there were in 2015. People were very polite at the tables, but still some quick decisions had to be made early on if something caught your eye. I made three purchases in the first fifteen minutes or so. I made two more purchases over the weekend for a total of five for the trip.

    The ones I picked up were:

    1) W.A. Surls “Moray” in SFT 3/32” CPM 154 with black linen micarta over black & white pinstripes.
    2) Osprey K&T “Raptor” in SFT 3/32” CPM 154 with Lightning Strike carbon fiber.
    3) Fiddleback “Bourbon Street Skinner” in tapered 5/32” A2 with natural canvas micarta over natural & white pinstripes.
    4) Osprey K&T “Unnamed” model in tapered 1/8” CPM 154 with Rosewood burl over natural & black pinstripes.
    5) Mareko Maumasi forged knife (not sure of model name.)

    Here are a few shots of what I got:






    While walking the show, it was great to say hi to many friends, forum members, and Fiddleback dealers. I am thankful that I got to talk to Ken, Justen, Preston, Philip L., Carl, Brian, Charles, Elena, and others I am forgetting at the moment. I also had the pleasure of meeting Scott from USA Made Blade and Derrick from Knives Ship Free. It is fun to see what knives capture other folks attention and get recommendations for other tables and makers to visit.

    It was our good friends Sergio and Rick who led us to a talented maker named Jeremy Spake where Peter picked up a beautiful damascus collaboration knife. The beautiful damascus used on that one was forged by Mareko Maumasi, so of course we had to visit his table too. That led to my fifth and final purchase of a forged (not damacus) utility knife.

    Here is a photo of Rick, Sergio, Peter, Susan & myself.


    Here is another shot of the Maumasi knife I picked up. Despite the as forged finish of the handle, it is surprisingly natural feeling in hand.


    Of course no Blade Show experience would be complete without spending some time in the Pit at night to share a beer or two along with some good conversation. I enjoyed catching up with Ken, getting to know David, and having some laughs and fun with Bill, Justen, Aubrey, Phillip, Andy, Allen, Dylan, and a number of other folks.

    Here is a 2:00 AM selfie of me, Phillip & Aubrey enjoying “a” beer.


    I want to thank everyone on the Fiddleback team for making this a special event for Melissa and I.

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  7. VANCE

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    Mar 13, 2006
    Nice scores Phil. I only knew of the Fiddleback.

    ahhhhhh........ the 2am selfie makes an appearance.
  8. Kal-El


    Sep 30, 2010
    Hey Phil. I'm glad you came to Blade again this year. It's always a pleasure seeing you and Melissa. Next year I'll make it a point to hang out at the pit though. And, I'll have to check out that Diner!

    Nice batch of knives you scored there. I'm lovin' that Raptor and the Rosewood on the other Osprey is gorgeous. I saw that one at Chris' table. Very nice!
    Also, I can attest to your statement about Mareko's forged blade. Surprisingly comfortable in hand. For anyone who doesn't know him, he was actually a contestant on History Channel's "Forged in Fire." Super cool dude and makes some serious kitchen knives.

    Take care Phil and thanks for the pics.
  9. DavidCAndersen


    Nov 11, 2013
    I may have already booked my hotel for next year!

    Andy, I'm sorry I missed you. Dropped by a couple of times but each time you were out having fun somewhere else! :D

    I was happy to purchase a hemp-wrapped Nessmuk while I was there though. I've already put it to some use. Thanks Phillip for hooking a brother up!

  10. Justarandomguy


    Oct 1, 2015
    Ok, that's funny.

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