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Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by Kismet, Jan 19, 2005.

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    Mar 8, 1999
    OK, let's put it this way: if there were a European 9mm magnum they would load it as I said above. The 9.3x62 does not equal the 375 H&H, quite, but due to it's use of heavier sectional density slugs than the 375's, it came within spitting distance in effectiveness on african game.

    As for the 35 Whelan vs. 350 Rem Mag., Jeff Cooper's "Lion Scout" rifle used the 350 case with a longer action and throated to seat heavy bullets even with the bottom of the neck. He referred to it as the 360 Fat Fireplug. Unfortunately factory loads are sub-optimal for both the Whelan and Rem Mag.

    I remember a 7mm Sharpe and Hart previous to the 280 Remington and 7mm Rem mag. Back in the days when your choice of 7mm was limited to the 7x57, the 7mm Weatherby and one european cartridge quite close to the later 280.
  2. sams


    Apr 21, 2001
    Interesting discussion. Some experience to add.

    It has been 7 yrs since my last elk hunt. I've hunted 8 yrs straight, bagged 6 bulls, 3 big ones. :)

    I used my .375 H&H mag, with handloads. Used Hornandy 270 grn, and Sierra 300 grn. Also I hunted elk with my Belgium Browning 30 /06, with Federal premium 180 grn Nosler partition bullets.

    When I shot the elk, I could not tell a difference between the two loads.

    You need adequate loads combined with adequate calibars with "good" bullets. The three go hand in hand. ;)

    Oh yea, one more thing...............shot placement!
  3. Yvsa


    May 18, 1999
    At the end of the day isn't that the most important thing all the way around anyway, no matter what calibre you are shooting? :p ;)
  4. 37up


    Jun 16, 2002
    i've got a question. if i wanted to start for the first time, rifle shooting, are there any particular rifles you could recommend?

    i'm thinking something in the 22 calibre range
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    Nov 3, 1998
    Dave, I'll start a new thread on this for ya.
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    Jan 30, 2002
    Leaning against a clothes-strewn sewing machine is a Russian SKS, laminated stock, and folded bayonette. On the table are three boxes of Wolf ?hollow-point? (my ass, they are fmj with a pinhole) 7.62x39 ammunition.

    An enabler friend of mine dropped it off yesterday, after borrowing it from a friend of his for me to play with.

    I've shot about 25 rounds in the past two days.


    Heavy, ugly, short-stocked, industrial production rifle which is an absolute delight to shoot. One exception is that in these valleys the sound bounces around like an echo chamber and makes noise like a cannon. Iron sights are great. Recoil is minimal and would be less if the stock were longer.

    From first shot to most recent, I am very pleased with the accuracy I achieve with this rifle...surprisingly so. Keeping in mind that I most often shoot a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun, or a .22 rifle, this is an entirely different critter for me, but virtually idiot-proof.

    The guy bought it at a gun show and has about $180 in it. He had it checked out, but the gunsmith said it didn't need anything. The owner isn't interested in selling it, but let me use it "just to see" what an SKS is like.

    I've seen. I love the caliber and ammunition size. The 10 round fixed magazine seems fine to me. If I were to want an auto-loading .30 caliber, I'd get one, put a fat recoil pad on the stock to lengthen it, and start looking for wilderness areas where you could shoot the blazes out of stuff with out worrying about distressing anyone else--like the desert areas perhaps.

    But around here, for me, it is too much gun to carry to plink about with. I don't enjoy going to ranges with guns and where I currently live I have the option of wandering around with a gun and murdering pine cones or broken branches at my whim. I have never needed more than two shots to hit or completely miss when I've been hunting, so the auto-loading feature isn't really an asset to me.

    If I were to stash a gun for defense against the world-wide-revolutionary forces of the Schmooes, this is the gun I'd get, and a couple of thousand rounds of ammunition.

    But for me, and only in my opinion, as perfect as the SKS is for what it is, and as inexpensive a gun as it is for the versitility and durability that it offers, I doubt I'll ever own one. For some others who might ask me, I would recommend one without hesitation. It is just that good.

    (Edit: Schmoo reference for the young:
    http://www.deniskitchen.com/thestore/bios_shmoo.html )

    AND: The astonishing success of the Schmoo: http://www.deniskitchen.com/docs/new_shmoofacts.html

    (By the way, I read through the entire thread before posting. This Forum has remarkable folks in it, who are generous with their knowledge and very gentle in their manners of taking exception to others' points of view. Really a privilege to participate here. Thank you.)
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  7. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    I'm sorry, but that's just not good enough.

    Just Kidding!
    Kismet, whenever I've owned an SKS, I've always had room to use it, be it California's Mojave desert or the Rocky Mountain West's open land. I sure can understand having a firearm that just naturally wants to pick out a far rock to shoot, and not being able to. I think the spirit of the SKS has arrived in Kismet. In the desert, prarrie or mountains, the darn rifle is good.

  8. alberich


    Mar 15, 2005
    I'd not buy SKS. For fun shooting an .22 LR is much better. If you are on 7.62x39, you will like stainless Ruger Mini 30 much better.

    Me, I own a standart czech assault rifle Sa58 in this caliber with disabled bursts and folding buttstock, but it's a sentimental value. You can maybe use it for a home defense, but that's all. It even fit's under your jacket with the folded buttock, but there is really no use. It's just easier to carry if you go to a range
    Cheap, too... and I like the looks. Here is a picture:

    SKS will be somehow better in accuracy, but if you are interested in accuracy, you better buy some carbine in this caliber, not a selfloading rifle.
    For plinking, .22LR with 4x32 riflescope is all I want. :)

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