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Discussion in 'Survive! Knives' started by Ramojung, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. braillediver

    braillediver Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 6, 2007
    Is this stated somewhere?
  2. Oyster

    Oyster Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 2, 2011
    In the latest 1st Friday Production Update newsletter.
  3. Oyster

    Oyster Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 2, 2011
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  4. Skotix


    Oct 7, 2017
    Orderd mine 4.1 29/7/16 still waiting....
  5. Psybull


    Dec 31, 2015
    Skotix- 7/29/16 was the first day of the new 4.1 pre-sale which means those will be done after the pre-orders are finished. I also ordered that day and it will be a while yet since the pre-order was so large.
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  6. Skotix


    Oct 7, 2017
    Ok tnx for the info.... Damn got my hopes up there lol just have 2wait some more then i guess
  7. greatscoot

    greatscoot Some other kind of crazy. Platinum Member

    Jul 21, 2012
    Wouldn't a factory second imply that the knife was finished all ready and not up to standards? Not on a table ready to have the handles fitted and then sharpened.
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  8. Foghorn Leghorn Fan

    Foghorn Leghorn Fan Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jul 27, 2011
    Yes it's best if you suspend all logic and common sense, Seconds ordered in February are on the table in September getting finished ?

    The Kool-aid must be delicious!
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  9. Silver Needle

    Silver Needle

    Jul 14, 2014
    This type of comment doesn't help anyone.

    @greatscoot it's been brought up a few times before, so if you scroll through some threads I think there's some discussion on the topic.
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  10. Thomas Linton

    Thomas Linton

    Jun 16, 2003
    "Wouldn't a factory second imply that the knife was finished all ready and not up to standards? Not on a table ready to have the handles fitted and then sharpened."

    No. It would imply that something existed that was not up to standard and so had resulted OR would result in a knife not up to first quality standard. But, as has been clearly explained previously, it does not mean that either. The sales of "seconds" are based on projections from experience and no second-quality part(s) or materials may actually exist when the "seconds" are sold.
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  11. craytab


    Jan 26, 2012
    And that would be the main problem: selling things that don't exist and have no reliable projected exist date. Then, people who buy these seconds that don't exist get them before the people who paid for the 1sts that don't exist. One of many problems here.
  12. ridnovir


    Mar 12, 2012
    That was my feeling exactly. I was one of the early adopters. My 4 (m390), 6(3v), 10(3v) and 3.5(20cv) where all delivered but the last two pre-orders took way-way longer than they should have (a red flag for me), so I decided not to pre-order any more. Many months later in 2015 or thereabouts by pure accident I came across several threads just like this one. I remember thinking this is not going well at all for SK and I felt lucky that all of my pre-orders were eventually delivered. Fast forward to 2017, I have noticed that millit has started to CNC knives for SK so I thought that the things where turning for the better at SK, - so I decided to check this sub forum - and I come across this thread - still same issues - what a clusterfuck.
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  13. Oyster

    Oyster Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 2, 2011
    A number of us still hope that things are taking a turn for the better.
    Check out Millit's Instagram post today re their grind that many were concerned about. It took some time to get that dialed in, but it looks as if progress is being made.
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  14. JackKnives


    Aug 12, 2017
    5 years from now, if they are still in business I can almost bet you'll be reading the same BS issues and some will still continue to preach it will get better.
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  15. LukeTheSpook


    Jan 2, 2015

    Hate to point this out (again) but here is another poster that created an account just to sling shite at Survive! Brad new account and 8 posts all on the survive forums. Not saying this guy isn't legit but my suspicion grows daily about the campaign to complain.

    Or should I just say "Hi Skyler!!"
  16. JackKnives


    Aug 12, 2017
    Or I can just actually be upset customer who waited 2.5+ years for knives I never got that I paid for in full. I'm not out to get anyone. I just want my knives. So it's "wrong" for people/customers to share their factual experiences but "okay" only if I speak highly of Survives....Right. Hmmm, you're always speak highly of Survive and always defending them whenever anyone becomes critical of SK so do you have have an association to Survives. I only have a few post because I don't live in these forums. Whatever dude. PEACE!
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  17. SURVIVE! Ellie

    SURVIVE! Ellie

    Apr 21, 2014
    There has been a recurring spammer who keeps making a new account to throw out wild accusations. He usually gets banned pretty quickly. But it has put us a bit on high alert when someone new pops in.

    Either way, refunds have been issued. Emails are still being answered. We are working on drafts to update the website with more information. We are not adding any new inventory to our website until we are caught up on weekly sales orders. I just answered the phone... The OP has been addressed, I'm closing this thread.
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