What SAK are ya totin' today?

Sep 15, 2013

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
As normal, my right front pocket carries an Executive as well as a rugged Pioneer.

Now the Pioneer is, for me, about perfect, I tried the larger version with scissors but found it to be too thick and sold that and picked up old faithful again and haven't looked back.

Key for me on this is the awl, just a real work horse of a tool that I use for a lot of chores that I wouldn't put a finer edged blade to the task, examples;

Cutting open a package that has fiberglass threaded tape

Cutting sand paper down to different sizes, I'll score the back of the paper using the awl along side a ruler

Punching holes into MANY things, from leather to metal or plastic, you can spin it into material almost like a spoon bit in a hand drill. Just the other day I had some exhaust pipe for our bathroom light fixture, needed to 'crimp' down one end and didn't have pliers or cutters handy, so I spun the awl into the light metal and then pulled it through to allow the metal to close up smaller to fit into one of ends of a 90 degree elbow, being in the attic and able to do that saved time going back down stairs...it be hot in that attic and I did not know I would have to try and do that fit up :(

BUT the awl and the size of the Pioneer combined to make an effective tool to get the job done.

also scraping material to clean up a drilled hole the awl works well for that too, and I'll use it to scrape along the top of the liners of a folder if the metal there is too crisp.

It is just an 'awl' around handy tool, pun intended :)




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Aug 10, 2013
Back to basics. Just got this Bantam today. Hit the scales with sandpaper to ditch the gloss and threw a lanyard on. Haven't had a "larger" cellidor SAK in years so we will see how this goes.
image by Six Pound Cat, on Flickr