Which knife industry person/people would you like to have a beer with?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by el gigantor, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. sabre cat

    sabre cat Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 4, 2014
    Got to add him to my list.
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  2. afishhunter

    afishhunter Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 21, 2014
    Can't think of any that are living, anyway. Sorry.
  3. Jsega51

    Jsega51 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 11, 2015
    What about Tony Bose?
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  4. Wharn

    Wharn Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 1, 2011
    Sal Glesser, Ed Schempp, Michael Janich, Jerry Busse, Ernest Emerson, Chris Reeve, Bill Howard.
  5. LG&M


    Dec 19, 2005
    Ethan Becker is the first name to come to mind.
    Nathaniel carothers would be cool also.
  6. number9


    Mar 5, 2017
    I'm surprised no one's mentioned Ken Onion.
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  7. Henry Beige

    Henry Beige Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 1, 2015
    Ethan Becker
    Joe Flowers
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  8. DocJD


    Jan 29, 2016
    :) In Vahalla ! :cool::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  9. DocJD


    Jan 29, 2016
    :eek: Lynn Thompson , Andrew Demko and the whole Cold Steel crew . Several kegs , minimum . :p:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  10. jlauffer

    jlauffer Tempt not the Blade Platinum Member

    Apr 11, 2016
    Nathan and Jo Carothers and Lorien

    John Conner at Redmeadow

    Scott Hanson


    And what the hell...Lynn Thompson:D

    Didn't list Colin Shannon, as I already had a couple drinks with him when he was still in MA.:cool:
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  11. DocJD


    Jan 29, 2016
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  12. Airborne 1

    Airborne 1 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 23, 2014
    Bob Dozier lives about 12 mile from here and he has been known to drink a beer or two .;)
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  13. ShannonSteelLabs

    ShannonSteelLabs KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Sep 9, 2015
    -Dan keffler. (Spoke to once at blade show)

    -Brad Stallsmith from PHT. (Spoken to a few times and twice at blade)

    @DeadboxHero , because having a beer with him and benchracing about steel and knives would be great. I've actually spoken to him on the phone a few times.

    @Mecha because I only met him at blade 2018 a handful of times. Definitely would love to have more large blade and TI blade conversations with him.
  14. NapalmCheese


    Aug 24, 2006
    Yup, Lynn Thompson!

    The dude's got some ideas that's for sure.
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  15. navman

    navman Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 4, 2013
    I have had the privilege of sharing a drink with many knifemakers over the years at BLADE, both in the Pit and at the Cobb restaurants. Last BLADE was pretty darn funny as a group of us were sitting at the restaurant outside Cobb, Jason Knight was sitting at a nearby table directly in my line of sight/fire. Keep in mind I hadn’t seen Jason in several years and wasn’t sure if he would even remember lil’ ol me. Started launching French fries at him until he turned around and saw me. Later that night, was in the Pit sitting with a few knife nuts, Uncle Bill (Harsey) comes over with a bottle of Michter’s. Libations were poured and friendships renewed! It was a good night.
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  16. navman

    navman Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 4, 2013
    Of all the knifemakers I would have liked to have had a drink with, Rob Simonich tops the list. Met him once, a true gentleman cowboy. Unfortunately the world lost him on Thanksgiving 2003…much too soon.
  17. Sonnydaze

    Sonnydaze Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 6, 2009
  18. Rykjeklut

    Rykjeklut Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    May 23, 2018

    Not because I necessarily love their knives, but because I think I could get along with them.

    The Glessers would be very interesting, as well as Reeve and... All the others mentioned already.
  19. JPD1998

    JPD1998 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 18, 2004
    Dave Ferry because I always wanted to be a cowboy, Lynn Thompson because he likes firearms and knives, Chip Valtakis because he seems like a cool guy.
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  20. JBC6650

    JBC6650 Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Jul 19, 2008
    Sal and Eric Glesser, their depth of knowledge of the industry as a whole would make a conversation a full education.

    Lynn Thompson. Come on you'd get to tear some shit up with crazy uncle Lynn it would be epic.

    Ethan Becker, I like his designs and have always like watching interviews with him.

    Ken Onion, I have a feeling he would be like a younger version of LT, just slightly mellower.

    Chad Los Banos, I feel like I know him already from his early years on forums. He has some cool designs and always struck me as a working man who happens to designs knives too.

    Jimmy Lile, always liked his knives. spoke to someone at his shop years ago about getting a Death wind model made but I didnt follow through. Its a grail I'll have to chase on the secondary market now.
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