Guardians of The Lambsfoot!


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Feb 24, 2007
Thanks, JohnDF, r8shell, and waynorth. And while I have not been to Narnia, I do believe I am a bit North of there. :)

Out this morning for a pleasant walk in the woods and feeding our local Yeti. They are big friendly creatures, but certainly camera shy. :)

BF Wright Ebony in Snow .jpg


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Dec 2, 2017
Out this morning for a pleasant walk in the woods and feeding our local Yeti. They are big friendly creatures, but certainly camera shy. :)


How do you get close to them ? What feed do you use ?

I’ve been able to feed chickadees, squirrels, chipmunks and deer BUT the Yetis still elude me

Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
Mmmm, sweet pair, Jack!!;):thumbsup:

The other day after being 70° F, the next day, this!

Thanks Dennis :) That snow must have come as a shock! :eek: Nice pics though buddy, glad you're keeping warm :) Here, the wind is howling outside, and it's been raining heavily for most of the day :( :thumbsup:

I wish we would get a little snow. Not a lot, just enough to enjoy the novelty.

We've had a few flurries, but not seen much at all yet this winter :thumbsup:

Jack, Glenn does exceptional work but for now his books are closed due to the back log. I am attempting to get my MM fixed up to my liking but I'm keeping my expectations low for now.

So I had understood Bill, I'm not surprised Glenn is swamped :thumbsup:

Evening guardians :)
Our high temp today topped at -14 Celsius, sunny day with not much wind.
We decided to bundle up really well and go skating.
My ebony lamb did not want come, it had had enough of the cold and so did my Hartshead :D.
So it was my African Rosewood turn.:cool:

I did the 5 km skate but today I was a minute slower than my previous one.

Then it was time for hot chocolate :)

I took my cup outside to at least pose for a pic by the fire :cool:

Then we skated some more and had more hot chocolate.


But it was reaaaally cold !!!
If not for the toe and hand warmer packs that you stick inside boots and gloves my kids would not have made it.
Looks like tomorrow is going to be a perfect day for skating ( -3 Celsius forecast ) :thumbsup:
Perhaps my ebony lamb would want to come along again :D

Hot chocolate is a treat on a cold day :) Great pics Dan, hope you're having a great time today :thumbsup:

Having a "closer" look at some Lambfoot models. :)
Yes, that is my Microscope set from a loooong time ago.

While it sure is nice to see outdoor pictures from my warm weather Guardian friends, I also enjoy seeing the winter scenes from my fellow Northern friends.
When the conditions are just right (higher humidity and a quick drop in temperature) we get some beautiful ice crystal effects on trees and bushes.

View attachment 1283890

View attachment 1283892

Wow, that's some beautiful scenery my friend :) Nice Lambsfoot line-up too ;) I had a Merit microscope, one of the few things which survived my childhood, and I was able to give to my kids :thumbsup:

View attachment 1283960 Perhaps a little late in the day, but Linus wishes you all a happy Valentine's Day! He's showing his sensitive side today.

He's an old romantic ;) :thumbsup:

Good Morning Guardians
Taking my 97 year old mom to lunch and shoe shopping. This should be an adventure. ;)

Hope you have a lovely time John :) :thumbsup:

Has anyone heard from Modoc ED, how he is doing? His last post was back in January just before he went in for his cancer surgery.

Haven't heard anything yet.
I still continue praying for his quick recovery.
His procedure must have a pretty long recovery period.

I'm hoping Ed will be able to read the posts here before too long, and that he'll be back with us soon :thumbsup:

Good Morning Guardians! My HHB frolicking in the Chinese Fringe plant. Here in the Cape Fear region we had a very mild winter with temperatures being in the 70 degree F range.
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Looking good :thumbsup:

Out this morning for a pleasant walk in the woods and feeding our local Yeti. They are big friendly creatures, but certainly camera shy. :)

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Fantastic pic :) :thumbsup:

I'm in. Not the prettiest of knives but still a Lambsfoot.


Welcome to the Guardians :) :thumbsup:

Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
I carry a lambsfoot because...
mZGL3pw.jpg just goes with a Bombay Dry Gin martini and the English Premier League. (Come on, Liverpool!)

How 'bout you?

Finally a goal!

Great pics gents :cool: :thumbsup:

Unfortunately I have the flu, so have another Martini for me!

Sorry to hear that Dave, hope you feel better soon my friend :thumbsup:

That was, as they say, “a bit nervy.” I support both the Red Sox and Liverpool, but now that FSG has gutted the Sox, all my loyalty goes to the Anfield side. Can’t wait until I feel up to a large Martini again.

My granddad was a talent scout for Bill Shankly many years ago. I remember him telling me about it several times, though it was in the past then, and he always spoke very highly of Mr Shankly, who would visit him at home to discuss his reports. I'm not actually sure if it was when Shankly was managing Liverpool, one of the Yorkshire clubs he managed before, or if their arrangment was in place over a longer period :thumbsup:

It’s a beautiful sunny but cold day here. Nothing like a good hot cup of afternoon coffee accompanied by a great Sambar Lambsfoot! Hope y’all have a great weekend! :D


Glad to hear the weather has improved Ron :) It's always a treat to see your AC :thumbsup: