Help! What shaving razor do you use?

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  1. woodysone

    woodysone Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 21, 2005
    Thanks David, I tried without knowledge a screwed up my first try, owell I’ve got 90 more to try on.:rolleyes: Thanks David.
  2. David Martin

    David Martin Moderator Moderator Gold Member

    Apr 7, 2008
    To set the angle I use 4 layers of black electric tape, over the opposite edge. 2) then lay the blade down on the treated strop and pull. 3) rest your first 2 fingers on the blade and pull with your thumb and 3rd finger. Then flip it over and do the same on the other bevel. Count 40 pulls. That way you'll have 20 on each bevel. Then remove the tape, clean both bevels with hand sanitizer. 5) put the 4 layers of tape on the
    opposite bevel and strop in the same manner. Then clean the bevels and give the blade a test shave. DM
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  3. David Martin

    David Martin Moderator Moderator Gold Member

    Apr 7, 2008
    Good, I was hoping you'd understand it. DM
  4. OogieBoogie

    OogieBoogie Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 29, 2014
    Timeless Bronze (SB) loaded with a Gillette Silver Blue (GSB). I can work with the Feathers, but they are sharp but not smooth. MdC is my goto soap and I use a badger brush.
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  5. jkarp_53


    May 25, 2006
    I use a combination of Merkur; favorite of the bunch a modified long handled'Mergress'. For Gillettes, my adjustables are the FatBoy and then the Slim. DE blades of choice are the superb IP (Israeli Persona.) For brush It's my Portugese Semogue Texugo Best Badger. Yep I only own one brush and one brand of razors; don't need more than that for hardware. I use a sandalwood shaving cream or just soap and water. Best advice is to practice. With the right combination just about any DE blade will do.
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  6. eKretz


    Aug 30, 2009
    I don't know about manlier, but I think straight razors are definitely the best shave for me. A well-honed straight razor is an absolute pleasure to shave with. Some folks are afraid of them, but they're really not that tough to use. I tried to get my younger brother started with straight razors as he expressed interest; sent him a whole kit of stuff, couple razors, some shaving soaps, a strop, etc. Even demonstrated a straight razor shave in person (no cuts, no nicks) to show him how easy it was. He uses a DE, but is scared to death to try a straight. He's had that setup for 2 years and hasn't tried it. He was boots on the ground in Afghanistan but is afraid of a straight razor....

    I pester him every now and then: "Tried that straight razor yet you wussy?" So far, no go. Matter of fact I think I know what I'll go and do right now, lol.
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  7. David Nowlin

    David Nowlin Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 17, 2018
    Do i look like i use a razor?
  8. David Nowlin

    David Nowlin Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 17, 2018
    Just kidding. When i was a slick and shaved i last used and loved my saftey razor. The one sold at Walmart that Rick the Pawn Stars Guy advertises. I still use it on my cheeks and neck. Instead of the large amounts of lather i just use a couple drops of Shave Secret oil now.
  9. clockman


    Jan 14, 2009
    I bought a Merkur slant bar and a sample pack of blades.
    I use Astra now. Amazon had a deal on a 400 pack of Astra's for $36 and
    change that I couldn't refuse.
    I started using a de about 9 months ago.
    I bought a Merkur adjustable to alternate my slant bar. They're
    both excellent razors
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  10. evolhd

    evolhd Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 9, 2000
    I really like the Rockwell Razors 6S Stainless system with Feather blades. Two for me, son and son-in-law were given one each. Lifetime gear.
  11. Rob Skinner

    Rob Skinner

    Feb 25, 2019
    Administrators are demanding that I pay ten dollars to protect my identity.
    I don't think so.
    Hopefully they'll just ban me and delete this message before you have to read it.
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  12. hhmoore

    hhmoore Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2014
    Still using an old Schick FX that I've had since probably the 90s (looks like the diamond; but may have predated it...definitely not a Tracer). It became impossible to find blades/ cartridges locally; so I've been using Wilkinson Sword from Amazon. Usually only on my neck and cheek for shaping.
  13. Daedric Panther

    Daedric Panther

    Apr 27, 2019
    For me, it’s an old school safety razor. The type with the replaceable double edge blades. Feels WAY better than a bic or Gillette disposable.

    I definitely plan to move to a straight razor when I can afford to buy one of the nice ones
  14. David Martin

    David Martin Moderator Moderator Gold Member

    Apr 7, 2008
    @OogieBoogie , yes, sharp but rough. It's like the edge is jagged. If you strop the Feather blades a little they get buttery smooth. And will give you a great shave. Even a little backhoning on a Charnley Forest stone will smooth them right up. Then they'll give a much smoother shave. DM
  15. OogieBoogie

    OogieBoogie Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 29, 2014
    I'll give that a try next time I'm in the mood to load up a Feather.
  16. RichardBoyer


    Aug 6, 2009
    Rockwell 6S adjustable razor. With Parker blades it shaves like a dream.
    Mostly use Stirling shaving soaps.
  17. jkarp_53


    May 25, 2006
    If Feathers don't work, I have no problem with Israeli (IP) Personna Reds. For the razor, it's a combination of newer Merkur and older Gillettes. Soap isn't fussy, but please give me Sandalwood thanks.
  18. HopalongCassidy


    Sep 22, 2019
    Bic disposable fixed. I’m not buying into the hype.
  19. David Martin

    David Martin Moderator Moderator Gold Member

    Apr 7, 2008
    ^ Your missing out.
    I just checked at Dollar General and I can purchase 5 DG disposable 2 blade razors (American made) for $2.14 divided/ 5= .40 ea.. These will give me 4 good shaves each.= .10 each shave. In another topic in this forum, (Safety razor blade life) I multiplied out the cost of shaving w/ a double edge blade and it came out to 50% less than the plastic disposable. Thus, the double edge blade gives more good shaves for less money. Then when you throw away the 5 used, double edge blades it's not much trash. When compared to the 5 disposable plastic razors. It's not hype. DM
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  20. jose1456


    Dec 19, 2019
    Hi. I am a newbie here. Hi to everyone.
    OK, let's come back to this thread. I am using an inexpensive electric shaver recently, my friend gave me.

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