What knife would you like to see with MagnaCut blade steel?

Sep 26, 2006
...so the real question actually answered in this thread, like in countless other threads of numerous titles before, is: "Fellow dudes, what's your favourite Spyderco knife?!" ;)
This is so true.

The Persian is one of Larrin's favourite models, and mine as well, so despite the difficulty getting Seki knifemakers to work with American steel I would love to see a new, thinner Persian in MagnaCut. (I have the red polished g-10 sprint with bolsters, and although I don't like how thick the edge is from the factory I love the knife.)


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Jun 13, 2020
All of em.

if it’s possible, I say replace the standard s30v models with magnacut.

If I’m not mistaken, 154CM was designed to be a knife steel - as was s30V.
Both of them were implemented into a lot of models for a lot of brands.
Magnacut’s creation follows that same tradition; designed to be a knife steel.

I say, here here!
Put it in everything.
Make it the new norm if it’s so great.