What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?


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Mar 22, 2006
That’s a beautiful HJ Paul! :) You better hide that one from Duncan @Campbellclanman he will most likely try to swindle it away from you! :thumbsup::eek::D

May you and your family have a blessed Easter ISKRA! :)

Stuart that is a wonderful pair of 87’s my friend. The photos are great white oak included! Thanks again for taking time to share some fine lunch and conversation with Pam and I on Wednesday! :D

I have absolutely nothing at all against my Black Alox Pioneer. They are a very capable knife and handled all the cutting chores I put it to on my recent 9 day trip. Please forgive the recycled photos, but you can understand why I now have this 65 Ben Hogan and 77 Stag Jack in my pockets!!! :cool: :D


Thank you Ron, I hope you enjoyed your trip north:thumbsup:
I cannot say that yellow is my favorite color but that is a lovely rich hue. Beautiful knife, Paul.

Yes, knife people tend to have their own special brand of logic.

Like r8shell r8shell mentioned, there are some folks who modded their Churchills for reasons that you stated . It hasn't bothered me yet so I haven't attempted the filework. However, those who have, have produced satisfactory results.

I always enjoy seeing your stag, Harry. Soon that gorgeous 43 you snagged will be joining the mix!

Beautiful picture, Leslie!

I woke up to an absolutely beautiful spring morning and I took advantage of the cool and quiet to enjoy some coffee and a pipe.

Thank you also Dylan, a fine combo and way to enjoy your day:cool:
Jan 1, 2016
Thank you! The Kevlar covers are from birdvisknives on IG. These were the first ones he made for a Roundhead and since then he has made many more in very different materials.

Ahhh! That’s what I thought. He is actually making a set of green ones for me as we speak. Yours look great! :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Jul 26, 2012
Yeah, boy!! There was a Whataburger located between Mooresville, NC and my college town of Davidson, NC back in the late 1960's. We'd pull up outside, over-eat on burgers, sneak a drink from the cups hidden under our car seats, and try to pick up the carhops. I've also eaten my weight in Miracle Whip on BLTs and turkey sandwiches, though I'm more of a mayo/Duke's guy. Whip + sriracha sauce = great burger topping or steamed shrimp dip.

Here's the obligatory knife pic.


- Stuart
Jan 26, 2013
Ahhh! That’s what I thought. He is actually making a set of green ones for me as we speak. Yours look great! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
He has been posting many great looking covers, I'm really tempted to get another set for my Shuffler. Kevlar has been on my wish list for a long time and this was the perfect knife to get some custom scales done.